IBS and Skin Problems – Bath

When I started seeing Andrea I knew very little about hypnotherapy and the extent of the benefits it can bring. In a short space of time I feel happier, lighter, freer and brighter! As a mum of three young children I came to Andrea with a host of anxiety and stress issues, which had taken their toll on my health, including IBS and bad skin. Within a few short weeks, life was much more manageable and calmer. My IBS symptoms are now under control and my skin is greatly improved! I feel a weight has been lifted and a storm has passed. I cannot thank Andrea enough for helping me to find happiness and acceptance in my unpredictable world of kids. My day to day stress has reduced and I feel so much more at ease and able to enjoy my family and life. I have found space for myself and time to be more productive. This has had a really positive effect on the whole family. I am really appreciating life and seeing things in a much more positive way. I am truly grateful to Andrea. She’s helped me find my mojo.