Confidence and Self Belief – Somerset

After a relationship breakdown and separation I found myself struggling to rebuild a meaningful life for my two young children and I.  After a career break to have my children, I was left feeling worthless and unemployable and I simply couldn't see how I could possibly command the sort of position I had managed before.  Faced with financial ruin this situation seemed utterly hopeless and I struggled to get up in the morning.  I was also on the brink of falling into another relationship too quickly in order to somehow validate me, my attractiveness and yes, my worth. Andrea helped me to talk through my fears in 'bite-sized' pieces and through several sessions of hypnotherapy I was finally able to see the wood for the trees.  I believe that my sessions with Andrea were pivotal in my ability to rationalise, cope and proactively rebuild my home, my career and my self confidence. I was a total sceptic and really just tried hypnotherapy because I had to do something.  I am utterly converted and have happily recommended Andrea to family and friends. Thank you Andrea.