Confidence and Intimacy Concerns – Bath

Life is an amazing roller coaster with ups and downs. I have been a person with a lot of optimism and motivation. But like any other human being, I lost my way, I lost who I was and was just getting haunted with negative thoughts over time. It was on that faithful day when I met Andrea and things started to take a different turn. Andrea, with her hypnotherapy skills coupled with her amazing personality, showed me that life even when it is at it's worse can be seen from a different angle and good can be thought. With routine visits to Andrea, I was slowly moved out of my lost phase and brought back to who I was. I have never felt light headed and confident like this before. I now see things with a different perspective. What is really groundbreaking was the ability to "let go"-all thanks to Andrea. Life is too short and we all should live every moment and that is what I learned from Andrea. I, wholeheartedly thank Andrea for taking care of me and showing me the path of positivity and happiness. I fully recommend Andrea to anyone needing support and help in their worse time. So everyone who is in need, should stop thinking and resent back in their closed walls and meet Andrea, you never know what you may experience. The words I write are nothing compared to what Andrea has done.