Fear of Heights – Corsham

Before I went to see Andrea my understanding of hypnotherapy was that stereotypical lying on a couch whilst someone lulls you into a state of trance, where you would talk all your secrets out! How wrong could I be? As a result of seeing Andrea I now sleep better, feel less stressed and can even stomach heights! I am more relaxed, I used to just snap but now I am more in control of my emotions and have learnt how to give my brain a rest! Andrea has taught me so much about how our brains work and how to manage stress. So much so that I am more chilled now and have learnt to recognise my triggers! It's amazing! The best bit of it all is that with some follow-up sessions I have conquered my life long fear of heights! My knees used to literally give way at anything over three storeys! Andrea has helped me overcome my fear! Andrea is personable, open, trustworthy and has truly helped me to gain control of my life and help me feel complete and happy! Thank you Andrea, you are wonderful and thank you for helping me kick my anxieties to the curb!