Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Bath

Andrea’s personable skills, her professionalism and her general empathetic attitude to my worries made me feel comfortable opening up to her.

Andrea’s approach was gentle, her voice very calming during treatment and she helped me get over my anxiety over the course of just a few weeks.

I feel that I am a changed person, for the better.  My outlook on life is very different and more positive and my anxiety is now non-existent.  I haven’t had a single panic attack since we began treatment.  I also sleep like a log and wake up feeling refreshed every morning.  I had forgotten what it felt like to be well rested!

I have a lot to thank Andrea for.

Fear of Heights – Corsham

Before I went to see Andrea my understanding of hypnotherapy was that stereotypical lying on a couch whilst someone lulls you into a state of trance, where you would talk all your secrets out! How wrong could I be? As a result of seeing Andrea I now sleep better, feel less stressed and can even stomach heights! I am more relaxed, I used to just snap but now I am more in control of my emotions and have learnt how to give my brain a rest! Andrea has taught me so much about how our brains work and how to manage stress. So much so that I am more chilled now and have learnt to recognise my triggers! It’s amazing! The best bit of it all is that with some follow-up sessions I have conquered my life long fear of heights! My knees used to literally give way at anything over three storeys! Andrea has helped me overcome my fear! Andrea is personable, open, trustworthy and has truly helped me to gain control of my life and help me feel complete and happy! Thank you Andrea, you are wonderful and thank you for helping me kick my anxieties to the curb!

Confidence and Self Belief – Somerset

After a relationship breakdown and separation I found myself struggling to rebuild a meaningful life for my two young children and I.  After a career break to have my children, I was left feeling worthless and unemployable and I simply couldn’t see how I could possibly command the sort of position I had managed before.  Faced with financial ruin this situation seemed utterly hopeless and I struggled to get up in the morning.  I was also on the brink of falling into another relationship too quickly in order to somehow validate me, my attractiveness and yes, my worth.

Andrea helped me to talk through my fears in ‘bite-sized’ pieces and through several sessions of hypnotherapy I was finally able to see the wood for the trees.  I believe that my sessions with Andrea were pivotal in my ability to rationalise, cope and proactively rebuild my home, my career and my self confidence.

I was a total sceptic and really just tried hypnotherapy because I had to do something.  I am utterly converted and have happily recommended Andrea to family and friends.

Thank you Andrea.

Stage Performance and Confidence – Bristol

For many years I have wanted to act but have not been brave enough. This year I wanted to audition for a part in a film project but doubted whether I would have the ability. After meeting with Andrea for a couple of hypnotherapy sessions (including one before the audition itself), my confidence was boosted.

I took part and enjoyed myself and was even awarded a part in several scenes.

I was thrilled! Thank you Andrea for helping me to achieve this.

IBS and Skin Problems – Bath

When I started seeing Andrea I knew very little about hypnotherapy and the extent of the benefits it can bring. In a short space of time I feel happier, lighter, freer and brighter!

As a mum of three young children I came to Andrea with a host of anxiety and stress issues, which had taken their toll on my health, including IBS and bad skin. Within a few short weeks, life was much more manageable and calmer. My IBS symptoms are now under control and my skin is greatly improved! I feel a weight has been lifted and a storm has passed. I cannot thank Andrea enough for helping me to find happiness and acceptance in my unpredictable world of kids.

My day to day stress has reduced and I feel so much more at ease and able to enjoy my family and life. I have found space for myself and time to be more productive. This has had a really positive effect on the whole family.

I am really appreciating life and seeing things in a much more positive way. I am truly grateful to Andrea. She’s helped me find my mojo.

Confidence and Intimacy Concerns – Bath

Life is an amazing roller coaster with ups and downs. I have been a person with a lot of optimism and motivation. But like any other human being, I lost my way, I lost who I was and was just getting haunted with negative thoughts over time. It was on that faithful day when I met Andrea and things started to take a different turn.

Andrea, with her hypnotherapy skills coupled with her amazing personality, showed me that life even when it is at it’s worse can be seen from a different angle and good can be thought. With routine visits to Andrea, I was slowly moved out of my lost phase and brought back to who I was. I have never felt light headed and confident like this before. I now see things with a different perspective. What is really groundbreaking was the ability to “let go”-all thanks to Andrea. Life is too short and we all should live every moment and that is what I learned from Andrea.

I, wholeheartedly thank Andrea for taking care of me and showing me the path of positivity and happiness. I fully recommend Andrea to anyone needing support and help in their worse time. So everyone who is in need, should stop thinking and resent back in their closed walls and meet Andrea, you never know what you may experience. The words I write are nothing compared to what Andrea has done.

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